Goko Gyokuro

Goko Gyokuro ASAGIRI

We are proud of our gyokuro which is made using only the Goko variety. You can enjoy its willow-like aroma, sharp taste and full-bodied flavor, while experiencing its gentle and refreshing aftertaste. The name Asagiri was chosen in analogy with the foggy Shirakawa region. There is also a famous old saying about fog: "Morning fog is fine". It is a rule of thumb that if there is fog in the morning, it will clear up in the afternoon.
We hope that you will enjoy the morning mist of the Shirakawa  as you enjoy a soothing and refreshing smoke. As the Goko cultivar is grown mainly in Kyoto Prefecture, we recommend that you compare it with the Goko cultivar from different production areas in Kyoto Prefecture.

Goko Gyokuro ASAGIRI
Production area
Shirakawa Uji Kyoto Japan
35years (planted in 1985)

For every 10g of tea leaves, 100cc of hot water at 40-50°C for 2 minutes is the best time to drink.
This is a tea to be drunk and enjoyed up to the third infusion.