300years Gyokuro

300years Gyokuro SHOJIRO

This gyokuro is made from tea leaves from a native Uji tea tree that is estimated to be 300 years old and is said to have been planted by a founder Shojiro . In memory of the first tea farmer, who started tea farming three hundred years ago, the tea is grown without agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilisers. The only fertilisers used are persimmons and leaves from the persimmon trees that the first generation planted on the property along with the tea trees, as well as harvested silver grass and weeds. This is a gyokuro made from the now rare native Uji variety in the way it would have been grown three hundred years ago.

300years Gyokuro SHOJIRO
Production area
Sshirakawa Uji Kyoto Japan
tree grown from tea seed
Estimated to be about 300 years old

For every 10g of tea leaves, 100cc of hot water at 40-50°C for 2 minutes is the best time to drink.
This is a tea to be drunk and enjoyed up to the third infusion.