300years Gyokuro

300years Gyokuro SHOJIRO

We make this Gyokuro with tea leaves taken from rare tea trees native to Uji, said to have been first planted here by our founder, Shojiro, roughly three centuries ago. In memory of him, we grow these tea leaves without using agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers. Our only fertilizers are persimmons and leaves from the persimmon trees planted by our first generation here, as well as locally picked wild grasses. This Gyokuro is made from now rare, native Uji tea leaves just as it would have been 300 years ago. We take great pride in this Gyokuro made in a natural environment for a distinctively smooth, pure taste.

300years Gyokuro SHOJIRO
Production area
Sshirakawa Uji Kyoto Japan
Uji indigenous breed
Approximately 300 years old
Clipped with machine
lightly steamed

80cc of 40-50℃ water per bag (10g) for approximately two minutes. This tea can be enjoyed for as many as three to five infusions.