The teas grown in the tea gardens of the Yamasho Kitamura Tea Farm are made from individual cultivars. The tea is single-origin, without blending different varieties or tea leaves produced in other tea gardens. The rare Uji native variety, estimated to be about 300 years old, is made into Gyokuro and sencha. The Goko cultivar is made into Gyokuro.

300years Gyokuro

300years Gyokuro SHOJIRO

We use tea leaves from rare and precious native tea trees planted approximately 300 years ago. This product created with expert farming techniques is just like the Gyokuro people enjoyed 300 years ago.

cultivar: Uji indigenous breed
Age: Approximately 300 years old

300years Sencha

300years Sencha SHOJIRO

We make our Sencha from rare tea trees native to Uji, said to have been first planted by our founder, Shojiro, roughly three centuries ago. Enjoy this uniquely soothing and flavorful tea created from indigenous tea trees.

cultivar: tree grown from tea seed.
Age: Estimated to be about 300 years old.

Goko Gyokuro

Goko Gyokuro ASAGIRI

Made using only our Goko cultivar, this renowned Gyokuro is known for its full, rich flavor and subtle, refreshing aftertaste.

Cultivar: Goko