Different flavours for different trees
No other tea leaves in the blend
Our commitment to single origins

The character

Making tea with the character of the soil and the tree.

When we work with tea trees, we feel that each tree has its own personality. Even the same tree can have a different character depending on the environment in which it grows. We want you to enjoy the differences in the taste of the tea depending on the tree, the land and the climate. This is what we try to do.

An estimated 300-year-old
native tea tree planted by a founder Shojiro.
Dedicated farming methods

The Uji native variety

Reminiscing about tea production three hundred years ago.

The tea tree that a founder Shojiro  is said to have planted is an ancient Japanese tea tree, now endangered and called the Uji native variety. It is different from the improved varieties of tea that are available today, as it grows from tea seeds. It is also characterized by its flowering and fruiting in autumn. The tea tree is grown without pesticides and with only natural fertilisers in order to make the most of its unique characteristics.

Proud of our Goko cultivar.
Made with modern wisdom.
A rich and refreshing flavour.


Goko cultivar , nurtured by the natural fetures of Shirakawa.

The Goko cultivar of tea produced at the Yamasho Kitamura Tea Farm is about 35 years old. In order to bring out the richness of the flavour and the refreshing aftertaste, the timing and amount of fertiliser is carefully selected.