In the Genroku era of the Edo period.
A founder Shojiro  planted tea trees in  Uji-Shirakawa area.

In the mountains, about a 10-minute drive from Uji Station, lies the village of Shirakawa, an annex of Uji.In the valley between the mountains, two mountain streams flow towards the Uji River.In the morning, the area is covered with a deep mist.Compared to the plains, this area has shorter hours of sunlight and a drastic difference of temperature.This area is known as a famous tea production area in Uji.Many tea fields can still be seen on the not-so-gentle slopes of the mountains.
Many tea fields can still be seen on the not-so-gentle mountain slopes.About three hundred years ago, Shojiro I founded a tea plantation in this area of Shirakawa.A founder Shojiro  planted a tea tree in this area.It is said that we were a samurai family that protected the neighboring Shirakawa Jizoin Temple.Unfortunately, we don’t know why they started tea farming in this area.However, the business has been taken over from generation to generation.Today, the fourteenth and fifteenth generations are growing tea in the area.In the field behind our house, there is a tea tree that is said to have been planted by a founder Shojiro.In the field behind our house, there is a tea tree that is said to have been planted by a founder Shojiro I. It still bears leaves.

A land nurtured by clear streams

Flowing into the Uji River
The two small streams 
They have enriched the soil of Shirakawa since ancient times.

A village watched over by
the Hakusan Shrine.

On Mt. Saba, which can be seen from the tea garden
Hakusan Shrine.
The shrine was built in 1146 by Kanzi,
the empress of Emperor Reisen.
It still stands quietly,
watched over by the people of Shirakawa.

Inherit tradition.

The thoughts of Shojiro, fifteenth generations.

Uji-Shirakawa was known as a famous tea production area.Today there are only seven tea farms left.Unlike in the past, many beverages are now readily available.We have a variety of drinks to suit our mood.We soothe our throats and minds with a variety of drinks according to our mood.On the other hand, it is not a kind period for tea growers.However, it is precisely in times like this period.I would like more people to know the charm of tea.I want people to spend a rich time through tea and add color to their lives.This is what I strongly believe now.Because there are still many charms of tea that many people are not aware of.that many people are not aware of.In order to convey the charm of tea Although I am a farmer, but I would like to send out information directly to customers. We hope that people who like our products will be able to purchase them easily.
We have set up a website to make it easier for people to purchase tea.We have opened our website.

To all tea lovers

There are many different types of tea trees.
The taste and aroma of the tea varies considerably from tree to tree.
Even if they are the same species, there are great differences depending on the climate and the land in which they grow.
Therefore, even if it is the same product
This is why the flavour of this year’s tea may be different to that of next year’s.
At the Yamasho Kitamura Tea Farm
We do not consider these differences to be unevenness in quality, but rather
We respect the individuality of each tea.
We hope you enjoy these differences through tea
We hope that you will enjoy these differences and think of Shirakawa region through our tea.