About Yamasho Kitamura Tea Farm

Hello, my name is Sho Kitamura. My family have been tea farmers in Uji Japan (just outside Kyoto City) since the 18th century (Edo period). I was born in 1989 and am the 15th generation in my families line of tea farmers.

Having spent my childhood so close to tea, I had a tendency to take it for granted. Later, as an adult, I left Japan for non-tea related work. After some time living outside Japan, I was able to look back and view Japan more objectively. I realized the beauty of the environment that I grew up in and the value of tea.

I was then saddened to realize that the connection between the tea drinker and the tea farmer was almost non-existent. In Uji, as well as in most tea producing regions, the wholesalers are central to the tea industry. By the time the customer sees the tea in a tea shop or department store, there is no way to know what tea farm produced these tea leaves.

My wish is to help you see and experience Uji tea from the point of view of the tea farmer. Good tea is a great thing. If I can increase your enjoyment of tea by sharing information and enabling you to inherit some aspects of true Japanese tea culture, then I will be very happy.

With this goal, I make this website available.

Sho Kitamura