What is “True” Uji tea and Why is it Special?

Tea cultivation in Uji began in the late 12th century (Kamakura era). In the early 15th century, the Oishita-saibai cultivation method was developed. Using this method …… read more


What is “Single-origin Tea”?

Most teas you buy in the shops are blended teas, using tea leaves from several different regions and farms. This is done for a couple of reasons. One, it allows for a consistent …… read more


What is “Terroir” of tea?

Terroir is a French word used in the wine industry, but the concept is applicable to tea as well. A tea’s terrior are the comprehensive set of conditions that …… read more


Kitamura Family’s Efforts for No-Pesticide, No-Fertilizer Organic Tea (Kabusecha and Sencha)


Many, if not most tea farmers within Uji use pesticides and chemical fertilizers when farming the tea plants. In the quest for increasing the rich taste (Umami) of tea …… read more

Uji’s Indigenous (and Endangered) Breed of Tea

For many centuries, every tea producing region in Japan has had their own indigenous breed of tea. Each of these breeds have their own distinctive flavor due to the climate and cultivation method (the aforementioned “terrior”) …… read more


The Possibilities of Green Tea

Every morning I prepare and drink Uji matcha tea. It is a key part of my morning routine that helps settle my mind and allows me to prepare to take on the day …… read more


Aracha: The Tea That Farmers Drink

Aracha is the first tea made from the leaves once they are harvested. After harvesting, the leaves are steamed, then dried (by the way, this all creates an incomparable fragrance in the workshop)…… read more


The Current Situation of Tea Farmers in Uji Shirakawa

Sadly, there are now only seven tea farmers left in Uji Shirakawa. The younger generations tend to move to the big cities for work leaving the farms with no successors …… read more


Making Tea With a Pot is Cost Effective

You may think that Uji tea would be an expensive brand, but if you calculate the cost based on how many cups of tea you will get per bag of tea you will find …… read more

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